1. Assurance Services
2. Audit
3. Information Technology Audit
4. Internal Audit

Types of Accountancy
1. Cost Accounting
2. Financial Accountancy
3. Management Accounting
4. Project Accounting

Computers Use In Accountancy
1. Accounting Software
2. Databases
3. Spreadsheet Programs

Platinium Package

1. Basic + Gold Package 10. Financial Reporting For any Borrowing Deal
2. Risk Management 11. Cost Segregation Studies
3. Handle Customer Collection Calls 12. Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance
4. Financial Advisory Services 13.Management Accounting
5. Handling Vendor Inquires 14.Internal Control Reviews
6. Detailed Periodic Ratio Analysis 15.Business Valuation
7. Overheads Schedule 16.Writing of Business Plans
8. Enterprise Gross Margins 17.Business Process Flow and Improvement
9. Cash Flow Budget  
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Detailed Periodic Reproting & Ratio Analysis  
1. Highlights Key Business Variables
2. Identify The Fixed Cost Base of Your Business
3. Benchmarks Your Enterprises Against Others
4. Identify Cash Requirements of Your Business
5. Focuses Your Attention on Capitalisation and Capital Replacement Strategies
6. Shows Budgeted Growth in Real Net Worth
7. Identify Exactly Where The Profitability Comes From
8. Benchmarks Your Business Against Others to Identify Your Strengths & Weaknesses
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Offshore Hiring
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